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Vertravenund Vertravlichkeit ....Alonely one and only. Sitting staring at an in particular nothing wondering if nothing ever stares though an in particular me. Aspirations of an Aesthelete and the absurd. Prevacation and conicere second person single present passive. Its imperative. Ad naeseum. Or dont throw your pearls to swine. id also like to be ordained The Patron Saint of Tongue in Cheek.

Wilt Not Want Not

​All my friends were quaint not quenticent associate and me aprenhensive an anomaly maybe abominable not unlike the snow man yule tide to wash away the formidable so long and forlorn if friends are words I was speechless but I have been the best friend to many men and to many ladies locust like buried for a decade only to climb out unfurl and be wished away till death did we part 

(Needs work….)